Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IRAQ WAR (2003-Present): Jeremy Hoel, Currently Serving in Iraq


Photo by Jeremy's good friend PFC Nikki Denham. She is in the same platoon.

Deb Staley, the English and Humanities Department Administrative Assistant at York College of Pennsylvania, uses the above photograph of Jeremy Hoel as her screen saver.

When I first saw this extraordinary image, I stopped in my tracks; I was immediately drawn to the picture of a young man just taking a nap--a very ordinary activity for a 20-something man.

Yet the circumstances are anything but ordinary; Jeremy, using an old tire for his pillow, is snoozing. I remember my own son Eric, years ago, flopping on the sofa to grab a few winks, but he did it in the comfort of our home, not in a war zone.

Fifteen years ago, Jeremy may have been napping with a teddy bear. Certainly that rifle across his chest represents, in a war zone, a sense of security.

I have never met Jeremy, but according to Deb, Jeremy is proud to be serving our country and has no regrets about joining the Army and being stationed in Iraq.

Drop Jeremy a line and let him know how much you appreciate his putting his future on hold for you and our country:

PFC Hoel, Jeremy

377 Trans Co

2nd Platoon Camp Taji, IRAQ

Unit #2026

APO AE 09378