Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IRAQ WAR (2003-Present): Jeremy Hoel, Currently Serving in Iraq


Photo by Jeremy's good friend PFC Nikki Denham. She is in the same platoon.

Deb Staley, the English and Humanities Department Administrative Assistant at York College of Pennsylvania, uses the above photograph of Jeremy Hoel as her screen saver.

When I first saw this extraordinary image, I stopped in my tracks; I was immediately drawn to the picture of a young man just taking a nap--a very ordinary activity for a 20-something man.

Yet the circumstances are anything but ordinary; Jeremy, using an old tire for his pillow, is snoozing. I remember my own son Eric, years ago, flopping on the sofa to grab a few winks, but he did it in the comfort of our home, not in a war zone.

Fifteen years ago, Jeremy may have been napping with a teddy bear. Certainly that rifle across his chest represents, in a war zone, a sense of security.

I have never met Jeremy, but according to Deb, Jeremy is proud to be serving our country and has no regrets about joining the Army and being stationed in Iraq.

Drop Jeremy a line and let him know how much you appreciate his putting his future on hold for you and our country:

PFC Hoel, Jeremy

377 Trans Co

2nd Platoon Camp Taji, IRAQ

Unit #2026

APO AE 09378



Anonymous said...

Dear Jeremy we pray for you and God's protection to surround you. We believe that whether you rest your head on a tire, a rolled up jacket or a soft pillow, that your sleep will be in peace and cradled in the protective arms of Jesus. Thanks Jeremy for fighting the fight and following your heart. We love you and hope to see you sometime soon.
Craig, Deb, Courtney, Tori and Tyler

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jeremy,We as a family are proud of you and the men and women around you. May God Bless And Keep you close and thank-you for your service. In our hearts and Prayers, Bruce, Rhonda,Renae,Stephanie Chapman

Anonymous said...

This is my brother, he is brave, funny, cool, and a little annoying. But I love him so much. I hope and pray for him to be safe. LOVE YOU JER. Happy early Birthday!!!!!!
Love you lots,

Jennifer said...


What a sweet thing to say to your brother, even if he is a bit annoying at times.

But I don't see that; he looks extremely brave to me.


Anonymous said...

You don't know us but we lived next door to your Soloman grandparents and your Mother in Simi Valley over 30 years ago. We have two sons. Matthew, our oldest, is a full time Lt. Col. in the Minn. National Guard. He will be going to Iraq in February. Needless to say we support you and all the troops 100% and pray that God watches over every last one of you and keeps you safe from harm.
Thanks Jeremy for all you are doing and have done. Vivian & Jim Snyder.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy just wanted to let you know that we are thinking and praying for you and all soldiers over there and anywhere that they are protecting our great country. Scott's brother is stationed over there also and we get first hand knowledge on how all of you are doing a great job and what a positive influence that all of you are making over there. We are proud of you...stay safe.

Love, Tonya,Scott,Zach,andJoJo

Anonymous said...

Hey guys it is me jeremy i want to say thank u for all of the prayers my mom sent me this website and i was shock to see all this and it make me so proud to be fighting and i will try to keep in touch i love u all thank u agin u guys r the greatest

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, This is Grandpa. Glad to see that you are becoming a star. You deserve it along with all the others that are with you. God Bless all of you, take care of yourself. I am very proud of you. Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Hoo Ahh !!!
We have you in our thoughts and prayers.
God bless you and your comrads.
Respectfully, CMSg Shank and Kathe
@Robbins AFB, GA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,
Miss you at the Door Shop at TLY.
We are looking forward to you
getting back and visiting us soon.
Stay Safe.

Shelly, Leslie, Sara and Michelle
and Linda

donna said...

Hi Jeremy'
Michelle is here & tomorrow we will go to Yuma to see Andrew . He is in the Marines. training down there but may go to Iraq shorlty. He is a crew chief on a Helicoptor .We are all praying for you and are proud of what you are doing. Take care . & Remember GOD loves you and so do we.
Donna Crawford

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy,
It seems just like yesterday you were a little guy running around the yard playing Army. It's hard to believe today you're a young man serving his country. You are a true hero in my eyes. I am very proud of you son. You are always in our prayers. Stay safe and take care.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bud,
WOW - 23 Yrs old today. Happy Birthday!!! I am so proud of you. You have grown up to be a wonderful young man. I am lucky and proud to say that you are my son. I love and miss you lots. I am praying for you. Take Care and Keep Safe.
Love you MOM..

Anonymous said...

HI JEREMY!!! hey it's kim i'm the girl that has been writing you letters...haha nicew picture i pray for you and i wish you luck hope that i can talk to you more on here!!!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Your mom emails us and keeps us up to date on the family.I was recently going through pictures to use at Rachel's wedding and came across some when she came out to visit you. You looked so young then. Was that only 4 yrs. ago? They put a smile on my face. Thank you for following your heart, and thank those in your platoon for us. I know it' hard to be away from home. We think of you often and pray for safty. Mike, Julie and Rachel.