A Fallen Soldier: Kristofor T. Stonesifer

“Stonesifer, Kristofer T.” [was] listed incorrectly on your site. The correct spelling of Kris' first name is “Kristofor”; Ruth Stonesifer’s, (Kris’ mother) web site is


I knew Kris and he long ago gave up worrying about how either of his names were spelled but I thought that now that he's gone we could at least try to get it right.

I noticed from your Blog that you're in York, PA. Kris was from PA also (Doylestown) and his mom was responsible for the PA Hometown Heroes program in Harrisburg that displayed a banner for many of the PA casualties on the light poles. It ran through the summer of last year. She also got the legislation passed for a Gold Star Family license plate here in PA.

Your comments that there are far too many names and the difficulties of assembling such a "sad roll" are so true. All those now in the services certainly knew what they were getting into and yet they still volunteered. We're lucky to have such men and women. Since Kris' mom lost her son (she has another still in the army) I've accompanied her to some of the Ranger events and met many of these young men. They are the polar opposite of those you see on the nightly news. Highly trained and competent and getting self confidence and leadership skills that will make them very good citizens when they get out. I was impressed and I think the country will be better having them.

The above photo is Ruth's favorite, taken of Kris only 3 months before he was killed.

The actual link for the PA Hometown Heroes site is: http://www.pahometownheroes.org.

The one for the Gold Star Family license plate is: http://www.goldstarmoms.com/States/PA/GSFPlate.htm.

As for spelling names correctly - even the army got Kris' name wrong on his purple heart certificate.

Thanks for your efforts to keep the memory of these young men and women alive. That's what Kris' mom has adopted as her "mission."

Submitted by H. Davis

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