Iraq/Afghanistan Wars: US Fallen Soldiers -- Index W


Wade, Patrick L.

Wadman, Brandon J.

Wafford, Michael B.

Wagener, Christopher A.

Wagler, Peter D.

Wagner, Gregory A.

Wagoner, Terry D.

Wahl, Gregory L.

Waits, Andrew K.

Wakeman, Dustin S.

Walberg-Riotto, Steven J.

Walden, Brett E.

Walker, Aaron J.

Walker, Allan K.

Walker, Antwan L.

Walker, Jeffrey C.

Walker, Jeffrey D.

Walker, Kristopher C.

Walker, Laura M.

Walker, Ryan D.

Walker, Zandra T.

Walkup, Frank B.

Walkup, Thomas A., Jr.

Wall, Mark A.

Wallace, Andrew P.

Wallace, Brandon L.

Wallace, Jeffrey R.

Wallace, Matthew P.

Wallace, Terry O.P.

Waller, Richard P.

Walls, Johnny C.

Wallsmith, Thomas A.

Walsh, Christopher G.

Walsh, Justin T.

Walsh, Nicholas R.

Walter, Rowan D.

Walters, Donald R.

Walters, Gary W., Jr.

Walters, Howard A.

Walton, Brett A.

Ward, Andrew M.

Ward. Jason M.

Ware, Carl Jerome, Jr.

Ware, Joshua J.

Warford, William T., III

Warndorf, Christopher T.

Warner, Heath D.

Warner, Richard D.

Warns, Robert P., II

Warren, Charles H.

Warren, Kristopher C.

Warren, Mark C.

Warren, William T.

Waruinge, Kevin G.

Washalanta, Nachez

Washam, Rusty L.

Washington, Bennie J.

Wasser, Christopher B.

Waterbury, Forrest J.

Waters, David L.

Watersbey, Kendall Damon

Watkins III, William R.

Watkins, Glenn J.

Watkins, Joshua C.

Watkins, Timothy D.

Watson, Cody G.

Watson, Craig N.

Watson, David L.

Watt, Kimel L.

Watts, Christopher E.

Watts, Donovan E.

Watts, Justin J.

Weaver, Aaron A.

Weaver, Christopher L.

Weaver, Shannon V.

Webb, Brandon J.

Webb, Charles J.

Webb, Christopher R.

Webber, Matthew A.

Weber, Robert F.

Weeks, Jamie D.

Weger, Michael S.

Wehrly, Kyle B.

Weidermann, Michael R.

Weiglein, Joseph M.

Weikel, Ian P.

Weimortz, David G.

Weiner, Timothy R.

Weir, David T.

Weisenburg, David

Weismantle, Douglas J.

Weiss, Andrew R.

Weldon, Michael Russell Creighton

Welke, Joseph T.

Wells, Charles G., Jr.

Wells, Larry L.

Wells, Lonny D.

Wells, Stephen M.

Wells, Wesley R.

Wendling, Michael J.

Wentz, Brad A.

Wentz, Cody L.

Werner, Raymond M.

Wershow, Jeffrey M.

Wesley, Christopher J. Rivera

Wessel, Kevin S. K.

West, Bobby R.

West, Christopher R.

West, James G.

West, Jason M.

West, Jeromy D.

West, Kile G.

West, Phillip G.

West, Robert H.

West, Theodore M.

Westbrook, Marshall A.

Westhusing, Theodore S.

Wetherbee, Alexander E.

Wheeler, Donald L.

Wheelous, Dexter E.

Whetstone, Mason Douglas

Whitaker, Joshua R.

Whitaker, Marquis A.

White, Aaron Dean

White, Anthony J.

White, Christopher N.

White, Delmar

White, Dewayne L.

White, Doonewey

White, James P., Jr.

White, Lucas T.

White, Nathan D.

White, Raymond L.

White, Robert C., III

White, Robert F.

White, Russell P.

White, Stephen J.

White, Steven W.

White, William W.

Whitehead, James E.

Whitehouse, Jason D.

Whitener, Joey D.

Whitham, Chase R.

Staff Sgt. Justin R. Whiting

Whitley, Dion M.

Whyte, Nicholas J.

Wichlacz, Travis M.

Widner, Vernon R.

Wiegand, Lee A.

Wieger, David A.

Wiekamp, Jeffery S.

Wiener, Jeffery L.

Wiens, Kory D.

Wiesemann, Michael J.

Wiggins, Michael J.

Wightman, William B.

Wilfong, Joshua S.

Wilkerson, Charles T.

Wilkey, David A., Jr.

Wilkins, Charles L., III

Wilkinson, Adam A.

Wilkus, Eric R.

Willard, Bryan D.

Willey, Cheyenne C.

Williams, Andre L.

Williams, Arthur C.

Williams, Benjamin D.

Williams, Christian B.

Williams, Clint E.

Williams, Dwayne E.

Williams, Eugene

Williams, Jeffrey A.

Williams, Jesse L.

Williams, Luke C.

Williams, Michael J.

Williams, Michael L.

Williams, Phillip B.

Williams, Ronnie D.

Williams, Taft V.

Williams, Wesley .J

Willis, Tracy C.

Willoughby, Christopher R.

Wilson, Bryan S.

Wilson, Christopher M.

Wilson, Dana N.

Wilson, Jamie D.

Wilson, Jeremy

Wilson, Jerry L.

Wilson, Joe N.

Wilson, Lamont N.

Wilson, Le Ron A.

Wilson, Lee C.

Wilson, Nicholas

Wilson, Nicholas E.

Staff Sgt. Robert J. Wilson

Wilson, Stephen J.

Wilson, Thomas R.

Wilt, Nicholas

Wilwerth, Thomas J.

Wimberg, David N.

Winchester, Christopher D.

Winchester, Ronald

Winder, Nathan L.

Windsor, Nathan

Wine, Trevor A.

Winegeart, Daniel W.

Winkler, Harry A. III

Winkler, Jordan D.

Winslow, Ryan G.

Winston, Peter E.

Winterbottom, Jonathan D.

Winters, Jeannette L.

Wiscowiche, William J.

Wisdom, Clinton L.

Wise, Robert A.

Wisniewski, Justin D.

Witham, Donovan D.

Witkowski, James

Witkowski, Phillip L.

Witmer, Michelle M.

Witt, Owen D.

Witte, Kevin M.

Witteveen, Brett A.

Wobler, Zachary R.

Wold, William C.

Wolf, James R.

Wolfe, Colin J.

Wolfe, Jeremy L.

Wong, Elijah Tai Wah

Wood, Brian M.

Wood, George A.

Wood, John E.

Wood, Nathan R.

Wood, Ronald T.

Wood, Roy A.

Wood, Ryan M.

Wood, William W.

Woodall, Julian M.

Woodall, Peter

Woodard, Romanes L.

Woodcock, Daniel E.

Woodliff, Michael R.

Woods, Eric P.

Woods, Julian

Woods, Shane W.

Woods, Travis M.

Woodward, Ryan A.

Wooten, Curtis L., III

Workman, Dustin L., II

Worrell, Mathew W.

Worster, James R.

Worthington, Robert A.

Wosika, James M., Jr.

Wren, Thomas A.

Wright, Brian A.

Wright, Gregory A.

Wright, James C.

Wright, Jason G.

Wright, Jeremy R.

Wright, Michael L.

Wright, Thomas G.

Wroblewski, John T.

Wullenwaber, Luke C.

Wyatt, Daniel R.

Wyatt, Matthew A.

Wyatt, Stephen E.

Wyckoff, Charles E., Jr.

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